Digital Experience Book

About The Author


Ryan Hawkinson is the brain behind FreedomSelf, where he uses his expertise in digital marketing to help young and inexperienced business owners and industry leaders amplify their voices and reach their target audience.

For Ryan, nothing is impossible as long as individuals have the right tools and resources to maximize their talents and resources. His sole purpose is to help people reach their goals using his knowledge of digitalization and experience in business and technology.

Ryan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a background in the Ski and Snowboarding business. He is currently working at AvePoint as a Channel Solution Engineer supporting companies looking to build a practice around the AvePoint platform.

Ryan has helped Pax8 secure two Eagle awards with his work in Dynamics 365 and is also a certified Entrepreneurship and Business Life Coach, Goal Success Life Coach, and Search Marketing Specialist. To top it all, he has done tremendous work in neuroscience, Business Process Management, Customer Value Optimization, and more.

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